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ISS - Core Facilities Technical-Scientific Service

The ISS - Core Facilities Technical-Scientific Service is a centralized shared resource that provides access to instruments and technologies, as well as expert consultation, to scientific researchers.

Core facilities

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  • Management of high-cost technologies with transversal possibilities of use within the ISS (Italian National Health Institute), with the aim of facilitating the shared access of the Institute's researchers and external users to the technological platforms;
  • provide for the maintenance and updating of the instrumentation;
  • carry out technical-scientific training activities;
  • design and develop methods and technologies;
  • process data generated by scientific equipment.

The Service also provides support for the strategic management of the assets of the Institute's equipment. It also carries out research activities.


The Core Facilities promote the improvement of the competence and the technological capability of the ISS, and contribute towards increasing its competitiveness in advanced biomedical research, and its role as a scientific reference for the Country.

Multidisciplinary expertise favors the provision of technologically advanced services, and the development of research of excellence, whether independent or in close collaboration with other institutions.

Director: Marco Crescenzi
+39 06 4990 3163


2021/09/13-15, on-line

Participation of FAST at the CTLS 2021 conference

FAST participated in the CTLS 2021 conference, the annual meeting of the network of Core Technologies for Life Science, with a paper “Organization and benchmarking of the FAST core facility at the Italian Institute of Health”.
The online event (13-15 September 2021) has seen 300 participants.

CTLS 2021 poster

CTLS is a European networking non-profit association that brings together scientists, technical and administrative staff working in core facilities, research infrastructures and other shared resource laboratories.

2020/02/06, Aula Pocchiari and Aula Marotta

ISS Core Facilities at the service of public health

OPEN DAY - February 6, 2020

The Open Day aims to present the ISS Core Facilities both within the ISS and to other public and private institutions in order to support and promote advanced biomedical research with high technological content for the promotion of human health. [read more...]

Rome, 13th - 15th November 2019

ExoFlowMetry 2019 - The First International Workshop on Exotic Flow CytoMetry | Checking small things… better!
[read more...]


In the context of the POR FESR, Key Enabling Technologies (KETs) calls, the FaBioCell cell factory has recently received a loan from Lazio Innova for the GENEVAX project, developed in collaboration with EVVIVAX, a biotech dedicated to immunotherapy in the veterinary field [read more...]

2019/04/12 9.30 am, Bovet room
2nd seminar “Projects(IN)formation - Skill building on writing a research grant: tips on finding, planning, and step by step writing of the grant

We will examine the specifics of project writing, with particular attention to those who respond to American calls. [read more... / published slides].

2019/04/15 9.00 am - 1.30 pm

The staff of the Cytometry Area reports the following workshop:

Fast and fluo: high processing flow cytometry techniques for green biotech, the environment and the food chain

Poster - program


2019/04/10 10.00 am, Marotta room

Vevo 3100 - High Resolution Ultrasounds Imaging System

Theoretical-practical presentation of a very high resolution ultrasound scanner for laboratory animals.
BENA National Center in collaboration with the FAST Service.

Poster - program

2019/03/15 10.00 am, G. B. Rossi room
1st seminar “Projects(IN)formation - Design of a research project

Research funding has generally declined over the past decade and competition for it has increased accordingly. It is essential that ISS researchers are able to compete best to ensure support for their work and that of the Institute. [read more... / published slides].

2019/01/21 10.00 am, Bovet room
Seminar “Small Genome Sequencing”

This seminar is dedicated to all those interested in deepening the knowledge of NGS applied to the sequencing of “small genome”…[Program carried out + presentation]

2018/11/07 10.00 am, Bovet room
Presentation of the new Next Generation Sequencing services and the collaboration agreement with Bio-Fab Research

Sequencing: new collaboration between ISS and BIOFAB RESEARCH

The Core Facilities Service has established a scientific collaboration with Bio-Fab Research, a genomics service company renowned in the national panorama… [read more].
Bio-Fab Research has been operating in the sector for 13 years, offering its experience and expertise for a long time to the researchers of this Institute, now also with an offer of services at discounted prices… [read more]

Basic Statistics course

March 27th - June 20th, 2018 – on-line course materials.

16 February 16, 2018, 11:00 am – 1:00 pm

Seminar: cytofluorimetry applications in microbiology

Rossi room (Giano della Bella)

Let's celebrate the stabilized!

With a surprise party the FAST service staff celebrated the successful conclusion of the stabilization process of many colleagues waiting for years for this which is, at the same time, a recognition of the work done and a renewed opportunity for the future.


Bio/statistical service

The FAST service has decided to activate, on an experimental basis, a bio/statistical service to support the ISS colleagues in their research activity.

Presentation brochure of the FAST service