FaBioCell Area



In the context of the POR FESR, Key Enabling Technologies (KETs) calls, the FaBioCell cell factory has recently received a loan from Lazio Innova for the GENEVAX project, developed in collaboration with EVVIVAX, a biotech dedicated to immunotherapy in the veterinary field
The goal of the project is to promote the industrial development of two therapeutic anticancer vaccines for dogs (Tel-eVax and Erb-eVax), developed by EVVIVAX starting from adenoviral vectors and already subjected to preclinical and clinical trials.
FaBioCell will contribute significantly to develop methods for the production and quality control of the aforementioned vaccines under GMP-like conditions, according to the legislation currently in force in the USA, where the vaccines will initially be marketed and then offered in Europe.

The collaboration between FaBioCell and EVVIVAX represents a new and potentially strategic interaction model between a biotech and a research organization, aimed at the industrial development of innovative products based on genetic vectors and potentially able to have important repercussions in Lazio, in terms of employment, innovation and growth.

Financial support received

The total investment on the project admitted for a contribution is 489,669.53€ on which Lazio Innova has granted a non-repayable loan of 372,920.43€. The funding resources are valid on the public notice “KETs enabling technologies” n° G13675 dated 11/21/2016, project code: A0114E0042 - COR 293251, 293223, CUP: F89J18000160007.