The Core Facility performs cytometric flow analysis, cytofluorimetric or mass, at the single cell level. The Area is equipped with three analyzers that allow analysis of up to 10 fluorescence parameters, two cell sorter capable of separating up to four cell populations on the basis of 10 fluorescence parameters and a mass cytometer (CyTOF) that allows to perform multiparametric analysis upto 35 parameters at most (the theoretical maximum is 90), based on the use of antibodies conjugated to rare metals (Lanthanides).
Cytofluorimetric analysis can be conducted in High-Throughput mode.

In the structure, specialized personnel work with many years of experience able to: a) carry out the analyzes through a wide range of flow cytometric techniques; b) provide advice for the design of multiparametric marking panels, for the design and execution of cell sorting and for data analysis; c) provide assistance for the study and development of new experimental approaches.

The cytofluorimetry and mass cytometry Core Facility aims to promote access to and use of these technologies for ISS researchers and to actively promote both the collaboration and the provision of services to users outside the Institute.

Contact: Massimo Sanchez
+39 06 4990 2576-2550