High resolution NMR and Preclinic MRI

  • The High-Resolution Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Unit is equipped with a spectrometer operating at 9.4 T for metabolism and metabolomics studies in cells, biological fluids and tissues. In particular, the NMR Unit provides services for identification and detection of various classes of small molecules, metabolites, and lipids in mammalian and microbial cells; targeted and untargeted analyses and quantification of various classes of molecules ranging from small metabolites to lipids in a variety of biological matrices.
  • The preclinic MRI Unit is equipped with a system for imaging, operating at 4.7 T for morphological, molecular and functional imaging and spectroscopy studies on rodents in vivo. Experience in neurodevelopmental and neurodegenerative pathology as well as several types of cancers in animal models to identify through quantitative protocols early biomarker of pathology progression or response to therapy.

We have recently acquired new state-of-the-art instruments that are starting to operate: an in vivo MRI and MRS system operating at 7 T and an NMR spectrometer operating at 14 T.

Contact: Rossella Canese
+39 06 4990 2567-3695