NMR & MRI area

High-resolution Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Unit

Metabolomica mediante NMR in alta risoluzione Spettrometro NMR in alta risoluzione (9.4T) Spettro NMR ad alta risoluzione di metaboliti

Identificazione e caratterizzazione di molecole e miscele complesse

Nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR) spectroscopy allows to identify the structure and composition of molecules and mixtures; to study the metabolic phenotype of cells, tissues and biological fluids; to characterize the molecular processes associated with a given phenotype and to follow the pharmacological effects on the metabolism.

The service makes use of a 14 T Bruker Avance NMR spectrometer, with the availability of selective probes for proton, carbon and phosphorus, for metabolomics studies.

The staff offers support for experimental design and experiment planning and data analysis

To ask for the service:

  1. preliminary contact the NMR unit staff;
  2. fill out the online form 'Service Request' briefly illustrating the scientific problem, type of samples, etc.;
  3. plan a meeting with the unit staff to discuss methods of analysis, costs, timing etc.

Contact: Egidio Iorio
+39 06 4990 2548/2552
Where we are: building 1, floor A, room 8