ExoFlowMetry 2019 - The First International Workshop on Exotic Flow CytoMetry | Checking small things... better!

The potential of flow cytometry (FC) is still largely unexpressed in areas different than the clinical and biomedical applications, for which is widely applied since the ’60s of the last century. High processivity, multiparametric and analytical precision are typical features for FC, all well suited to different and unconventional (exotic) applications.

During last years, there has been a significant technological progress in FC and a number of new instruments have been, and are going to be, released to the market or developed as prototypes. New fields of application such as winemaking, diary production, brewery, fish and animal farming, plant breeding and genomics, inner and outer water quality control, are now available to FC characterization and manipulation, and more and more are fast developing.

The First International Workshop on Exotic Flow Cytometry will focus on FC applications other than bio-medical, with the aim to highlight the different fields where FC is giving a signicant contribution, in terms of new components revealed and/or development of new methods of analysis. A wide overview of the use of FC in food and environment microbiology, plant and animal biotech, green biotechnology and genomics will be offered, as also related to the complex quality control systems of the agri-food supply chain, in the framework of the European METROFOOD-Research Infrastructure.