FaBioCell Area

Cell Products

FaBioCell can produce all types of cellular drugs, such as:

  • Dendritic cells generated by CD14 + monocytes;
  • T lymphocytes;
  • Natural Killer cells;
  • Stem cells;
  • Mesenchymal cells.

Ongoing clinical trials currently involve the use of Dendritic Cells (DC) and NK cells for the treatment of patients with Indolent Lymphoma and Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia, respectively.
The DCs were also used, in a previous clinical trial, for the treatment of patients with melanoma.

What we can offer

In addition to offering our existing pipelines to clinical studies with common scientific interest, FaBioCell can set up and develop new pipelines for the preparation of cellular products not currently in production. This service is developed on a collaborative basis, starting from a project idea, shared with the proposing group, having a solid pre-clinical basis and showing a clear translational potential.

IFN-DC production

NK production