Proteomics Area – Services in collaboration with the OMM Department: Luminex

Complex Protein Mixture (CPM) Analysis

Measures with xMAP technology on the Luminex platform

In collaboration with the FAST service, the Department of Oncology and Molecular Medicine (OMM) offers ISS researchers the opportunity to measure plates using xMAP technology on the Luminex platform.

The instrumentation is located in the laboratories of Dept. OMM and measurements are carried out exclusively by trained personnel. It is possible to plan a measurement of Luminex plate by making arrangement with the instrumentation responsible.

xMAP technology has been developed to allow the simultaneous measurement of many analytes within a small volume of biological sample (serum, plasma, cell lysates, supernatants and others). One of the most used platforms applying this technology is Luminex coupled with specific analysis software.

The main features are:

  • Speed ​​and simultaneity of measurements;
  • Accuracy, based on a real-time measurement of multiple immunometric measurements and on antigen-antibody interactions, with high sensitivity (in the picogram/ml range);
  • Reproducibility of measurements thanks to particular technological choices such as the use of magnetic beads and specific washing protocols;
  • Small volumes of biological sample required (between 25 and 50 microlitres) in which it is possible to quantify up to 50 (presently) different analytes.

The results of the analysis are managed by specific softwares for qualitative assessment (for example performance analysis and CV).

An additional bioinformatic tool to assign a biological meaning to the measured profile is under development.

Contact: Francesco Facchiano
+39 06 4990 2059
Department of Oncology and Molecular Medicine (OMM)