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Scientific Computing Area - coordinated services

Bio/statistics service

Over the last few years we have witnessed higher standards being applied for the publication in scientific journals and for the writing of international projects, especially in terms of the statistical analysis of data.

ISS Core Facilities have started, on an experimental basis, a bio/statistics service to support the research work of ISS colleagues.

The service is actually a network of researchers from various ISS departments and centers, who have generously made available their competences in biostatistics and their precious time to their colleagues.

The Scientific Computing Area coordinates the network and contributes with its own instruments and competence.

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you would like to be part of the network and widen the offer of services.

Users may avail themselves of the service at any phase of their projects: from the experimental design to the final analysis of data.

Submit your request by filling in this form. Requests will be assessed in terms of feasibility and accepted/rejected on the basis of the available competences at the time. Applicants will be informed of the whole process. Please describe your needs in detail to help us assess your request.

Service request form

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Acceptance of the service conditions

I have read the access regulation and in particular points 4d and 4e:

(4.d) The services provided implies an in kind contribution, the forms and methods of which are to be agreed between the areas involved and the user.

(4.e) Based on the extent and scientific quality of the contribution provided, to be assessed in concert with the staff involved, the performance that results in scientific publications must be recognized with the inclusion of the operators involved among the authors of the publications or possibly in the acknowledgments, making it explicit their membership of the Service.


Does the requested service concern types of data/samples of human origin that fall within the scope of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR: 1.full text2.Wikipedia)?

Warning: if the answer is affirmative, further information will be requested regarding the data management methods.

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