Other instrumentation

Rowland grating spectrograph - ISS Museum

The following table shows other instruments, managed by Departments/Centres/Services other than FAST, but almost all purchased with capital funds, which can be used jointly subject to agreements with the owners.

Instrument Dip./Centre/Serv. Contact Location Type(s) of employment Shareability
Agilent Seahorse XFp CNRVF Sergio Visentin 19/B/10 Measurement of oxygen consumption and pH changes in cell cultures (8 wells) Experiment to be carried out by the reference person
Biotechne Jess ProteinSimple FARVA Antonietta Bernardo 19/C/7 Tool to standardize WB Shareable with Neurosciences Dept. and MIPI
Epifluorescence microscope MACA Elisabetta Profumo, Brigitta Buttari 1/B/15 Cell culture analysis Shared with FARVA
Thermocycler MACA Brigitta Buttari 1/B/15 Molecular PCR studies Shareable
Protein and DNA detection system MACA Elisabetta Profumo 1/B/15 Protein and nucleic acid expression Shared with FARVA
QX200 droplet reader digital PCR SANV Elisabetta Suffredini 1/E/43 Digital PCR Can be used if you have a preparer. 2 sets of preparers present (1 for SANV and 1 for MEGE)
PHENOMASTER (behavioral monitoring tool) SCIC Simone Macrì 6/B/25 Behavioral monitoring in animal models Shareable
OPERON (behavioral monitoring tool) SCIC Francesca Zoratto 6/B/31 Attentional and cognitive abilities in animal models Shareable
Multimodal plate reader OMM Francesca Pedini 1/G/35 Plate reader Use by those who already know how to use similar equipment
High performance refrigerated centrifuge with rotors OMM Francesca Pedini 1/G/35 Centrifuge Shareable
Real time PCR AIDS Leonardo Sernicola 6/A/93 Real time PCR Shared with GLOB, shareable upon request
Liquid scintillation counter PRORA Gennaro Venoso, Christian Di Carlo, Marco Ampollini 53/A/6 Scintillator Shareable
System for optical radiation measurements, for measurements of ultraviolet radiation and visible and near-infrared radiation PRORA Alessandro Polichetti, Roberta Pozzi 1/C/53 UV and infrared radiation measurements Shareable
Portable gamma spectrometer PRORA Gennaro Venoso, Christian Di Carlo, Marco Ampollini 53/A/6 Spectrometer Shareable
Multidisciplinary sonographer MEGE Giuseppe Marano 1/H/2b Sonographer Shareable
Instrument for electrophysiology on single cells FARVA Marcello Belfiore 10/D/9 Shareable
Chemiluminescence analyzer FARVA Caterina Ambrosio, Andrea Cara 1/G/90 Radioactivity counter on 96-24 well plates, 4 ml vials. luminometer Shareable
Cell free label equipment based on electrical impedance measurement FARVA Caterina Ambrosio 1/H/26 Biological assays in label-free conditions, based on electrical impedance. Proliferation assays, cell migration, signaling. Yes, according to internal users of the requesting group. Furthermore, since the instrument uses particular plates for cell cultures (rather expensive), these plates are the responsibility of the user
Integrated system for western blotting FARVA Antonietta Bernardo 19/C/8 Study of proteins through Western Blot Shared with NEURO and MIPI
ECLIPSE Ts2R-FL NIKON inverted fluorescence microscope FARVA Maria Cristina Grò 1/H/40b Microscopy Shareable
Confocal scanning microscope with white laser FARVA Giuseppina Bozzuto 1/B/43a Microscopy Shared with MEGE and MACA
ChemiDocTM MP Imaging System FARVA Antonella Ferrante 1/H/6 System for acquisition and quantification of nucleic acid and protein images
Small animal ultrasound system BENA Ilaria Sciamanna 6/B Ultrasound scans Shareable
Maldi-ToF-ToF Shimatzu DMI Marco Lalle, Laura Villa 1/B/? Mass spectrometry Shareable
Quanterix SIMOA SR-X NEURO Caterina Veroni, Anna Poleggi 19/B/4 Ultrasensitive measurement of biomarkers Shareable following training and under supervision
Chemiluminescence analyzer NEURO Maria Stefania Brignone 19/B/8 Shareable
Semi-motorized rotary microtome NEURO Barbara Rosicarelli 19/B/12 Sample sections Shareable
Bioprinter TISP Giuseppe D'Avenio 1/C/86 Bioprinting Shareable
Victor Light 1420 (PerkinElmer) FARVA Caterina Ambrosio 1/H/40 Luminometer for plates Use under the supervision of managers and after checking the availability of the instruments
Fluorolog (Jobin Yvon Horiba) FARVA Paola Molinari 1/H/40 Fluorometer for readings using cuvettes Use under the supervision of managers and after checking the availability of the instruments