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Access rules

  1. The Regulation of Organization and Functioning of the Italian Health Istitute contemplates the Core Facilities Technical-Scientific Service”. The service provides ISS researchers with the support of complex technologies and the necessary competences for the design, planning, performance and evaluation of research and control activities, and the training of specialized staff. Furnishes ISS managers the support for the strategic management of scientific equipment, a fundamental aspect when proposing the ISS as partner in international high-tech projects. It designs and develops scientific equipments and new technologies, processes data generated by research tools and conducts research activities.

  2. The service is organized in technological Areas.

  3. Each area of the Service is autonomous; plans and harmonizes the activities in accordance with the general plan of the Service, coordinates and supervises the use of the instrumentation, manages the relations with users. The areas work with their own operating protocols to guarantee the correct and safe use of the instruments, and may hold training courses in order to accredit users if necessary. In ad hoc registries track is kept of the access of users and operators, and of any instrument malfunctioning. The areas take responsibility for the monitoring of their services, the updating and improvement of equipment and research methods, to ensure that the results obtained are both technically and scientifically solid.

Access to the services

  1. ISS Core Facilities furnish the requested services by identifying and promoting possible synergies among the different areas.

    For some technological areas, qualified users may be authorized to use the instruments themselves. Their access shall be strictly regulated by the staff. Accreditation procedures shall be followed to ensure the correct and safe use of instruments.

    Users inside ISS

    1. Users inside ISS have free access to the services. Service requests are examined in a transparent fashion in terms of scientific objectives and feasibility. The strategy for an efficient use, the conceptualization of the experiment, the time to completion and priorities are discussed with the user.

    2. Rejection of a request of service must by motivated, in written form if requested. Against the negative decision of an Area, the user may appeal to the Technical-Scientific Core Facilities Council (TSC).

    3. The involvement of the Service in funding requests must be previously discussed with the Researchers of Reference for the involved Areas.

    4. The furnished services require a contribution in kind, the form and substance of which are to be agreed upon between the involved Area and the user. Collaborative performances does not automatically dispense from the contribution.

    5. On the basis of the quantity and the scientific quality of the supplied service -to be evaluated by all the involved parts-, any service that will give rise to a scientific publication shall be acknowledged by citing the names of the operators and their affiliation to the Service among the Authors or in the Acknowledgements.

      The participation in control activities must derive in productions useful to the career progression of the personnel directly involved in them.

      Users outside ISS

    6. Services are provided to users outside ISS on a fee-for-service basis according to the ISS fee schedule. In the case a given service were not contemplated in the schedule, an ad hoc contract or agreement –previously authorized by the Institute– will be stipulated with the interested party. Services may also be furnished on a collaborative basis where it is in the interest of the Service or the ISS, as likewise provided for under 4d and 4e.

  2. Whenever the instruments available to the Service will not be suitable for the correct and safe completion of an activity, the Service may resort to other instruments, located either in Italy or abroad. Collaboration and instrument sharing criteria will be set by dedicated agreements between the involved parties.

  3. The present Access Rules / Criteria are subject to revision and updates.


Requests for service addressed to any of the Areas/Units and agreed upon with the researcher of reference must be given official status by filling in the forms on-line at the 'Service request' page o at any of the pages of the Areas/Units in this website.