Proteomics Area

Surface Plasmon Resonance (SPR - Biacore)


Typical applications are:

  • affinity and kinetics;
  • quantitative titration of analyte;
  • specificity;
  • compliance to a Reference Standard;
  • termodynamics.

Here is presented an example of consecutive injections analysis. As presented above the instrument can perform sequential analysis of the kinetic. Here we stratified a specific epitope to the sensor chip and then we tested the affinity for its specific monoclonal antibody.

Sensor chip type Characteristics Examples
General purpose Sensor chips with carboxyl or carboxymethyl groups on the chip surface for ligand attachment. Sensor Chips CM3, CM4, CM5, CM7 and C1
Tagged ligand capture Pre-immobilized with capturing molecules specific for tagged ligands Sensor Chips SA and NTA
NTA Reagent Kit, Biotin CAPture Kit, GST Capture Kit
Antibody capture Pre-immobilized with capturing molecules specific for antibodies. Sensor Chips Protein A, Protein G, Protein L
Human Antibody Capture Kit,
Mouse antibody capture Kit,
Human Fab Capture Kit.
Lipid attachment Hydrophobic surface for attachment of lipid bilayers or liposomes. Sensor Chips HPA, L1
Customizable Unmodified gold surface for preparation of customized surfaces1). Sensor Chip Au

As reported earlier the sensor chips are a pivotal element in the experiment design and have to be well chosen to succeed.

Oltre ai già citati sensori della serie CM- ne esistono di altri più adeguati a legare i lipidi e le molecole idrofobiche quali ad esempio micelle e liposomi. Sono appunto i sensori HPA per monolayers lipidici e quelli di tipo L1 con ancore molecolari idrofobiche che consentono di immobilizzare doppi strati lipidici, frammenti di membrane plasmatiche, ecc.

Over the yet described CM chip sensors, there are many others more adequate in lipidomic studies for example in the HPA-series a flat hydrophobic surface allow to obtain lipid monolayer, in other cases, it is possible to use L1-series having molecular anchors able to immobilize bilayers or liposomes, plasmic membrane fragments etc.

Finally, other more specific chips are pre-casted by specific biomolecules such as antibodies, Protein A, G, L streptavidin or Fc from specific immunoglobulins.

1) Customization of unmodified sensor chip surfaces is the responsibility of the user. GE does not provide customization services or support for customized surfaces.